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Level Up Your Trombone Playing

Every Luke needs a Yoda. Every Zuko needs an Iroh. Every Frodo needs a Gandalf. It’s your turn to get a mentor for your journey.

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High-Quality Impactful Coaching Sessions

Coaching is 100% Customizable to Fit Your Needs

Learn what you need to get better in less time & with less effort

Are you worried that your practicing isn’t leading to the level of playing you desire? You’ve been told to practice, but you know you’re supposed to practice. Has anyone told you what to practice? What about HOW to practice? 

Mr. Bragstad is worth every dollar he charges and then some.  Quite frankly, I wasn’t expecting to get life lessons, educational advice, and a friendship alongside my trombone lessons.  From the onset, he presents himself as a cool, friendly guy, and he is just as enjoyable to work with.  Were it not for him, I am certain that I would not have gotten the trombone feature and solo in my senior marching show.  I am eternally grateful for not only the trombone lessons he provided me, but the experience as well.

Jonathan P.

Oak Creek High School class of 2020

Our son has been taking lessons with Matt both in person and now virtually and we find the lessons to be very beneficial as a supplement to his in-school instruction. Our son appreciates that Matt listens to his ideas and he enjoys that he works on all aspects of playing. Matt is both a skilled musician and instructor.

Jess K.

Mother of a middle school student, Shorewood, WI

Excite and Energize Your Practice & Performances

  • Improve Your Performance – Turn your weaknesses into strengths, & turn your strengths into super powers.
  • Rise Above Your Peers – Develop a mindset and routine to always play your best in concerts and auditions.
  • Gain Industry Knowledge – Touring or teaching, learn the skills to navigate a career in music or ANY career.

For me, music is a passport to the best parts of humanity: creating, critical thinking, collaborating, building skills & habits, learning about other cultures & times, and appreciating the great journey of life.

After 20 years of studying, teaching, and performing music, I can say that I’ve been fortunate enough to travel, meet people from all over the world, and perform professionally for a variety of ensembles, venues and events.

  • Sheboygan Symphony
  • Wisconsin Philharmonic
  • Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra
  • Fox Valley Symphony
  • Kenosha Symphony
  • Lighthouse Big Band
  • Water City Jazz Orchestra
  • Paid to play every musical style
  • Music Performance degrees from UW-Oshkosh (BM) & UW-Madison (MM)

3 Steps to Great Performance

1. You'll contact Me

Reach out to let me know you’re interested in improving your playing.


2. We'll have a chat

We’ll meet for a FREE 30-minute lesson to discuss your goals, current strengths & weaknesses, and talk openly about how to get where you want to be.

3. We'll forge your path together

We’ll put together a practice plan that will get you a LOT better in less time & meet up for weekly coaching to keep you progressing.

Contact Me

Hi, I’m Matt. I know you are the kind of student that wants to be a great trombonist. That’s why you need high-quality instruction that matches your talent. The problem is that most instruction is outdated and ineffective, which makes you feel frustrated and can even be damaging to your technique and self-worth. You deserve instruction that matches your individuality to establish a great playing & problem solving foundation for your entire career.

I’ve been in your shoes – I was a talented student who was told that I just needed to practice more. The trouble is, I was practicing a lot and just wasn’t getting better at the rate I wanted to.

That’s why I combined the best instructional methods into my own modern approach to brass playing. Here’s how it works: first, let me know you’re interested in improving your playing. Next, we’ll meet virtually for a free 30-minute demo lesson. Finally, you’ll make steady and rapid progress through weekly individualized lessons.

Reach out to me now with the “Contact Me” button so you can stop wasting your time in the practice room and achieve the next level of your playing.